Inspiration Behind ‘Washing Lines’

_AI_7114 copyPretty much this, my local launderette, the source of inspiration that sparked the entire project. I must have walked past it a hundred times, but I’d never been in. Partly because I’m too lazy to do my washing anywhere other than in the comfort of my own home, even though I crave the fluffiness that only a tumble dryer can provide.

For some reason it caught my eye one day a few months ago and got me thinking about how communities function. Everything is becoming much more insular, something that I don’t feel too comfortable with, I decided not to have a smart phone as an act of rebellion! I love meeting people and having conversations. It got me thinking that Dennistoun must be full of rich stories that I have never heard, but that inevitably make up the fabric of where I live.

These ideas are always formed in the shower. So, one morning during a very long, prune finger inducing one I came up with the project, to use washing lines as a way to engage with the community and hear as many stories as I could. But, I needed a photographer, and Eoin loved the idea. Through his artistic vision and passion for colour, I knew he could bring the project to life in a way that I couldn’t even yet imagine.

After hearing about the Glasgow Open House Art Festival at a GSA Pecha Kucha event, there was a purpose for the project, to exhibit as part of their programme and bring the festival to Dennistoun for the first time. It has now been accepted into a group exhibition in Wasps through Representing Dennistoun and Impact Arts. 

So here we are! 2 weeks to go and many more people to meet. A few very exciting shoots this week, anecdotes of which we’ll be sharing with you.

You can also keep up to date with us on Twitter @PaulaCreateStir // @eoin_carey and use the hashtag #washinglinesdennistoun to share your anecdotes with us. Funny photos of your washing would go down a treat!

The launch will take place on May 2nd// Whitehill Laundrette// All welcome.



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