The Colour of Dennistoun


Colour is one of the main building blocks on which my relationship to photography is based. It amazes me all the time because it can be found everywhere. It is inherent. Symbolic in its own way on many levels but fundamentally for me, colour always signposts me to people. Wherever the human species passes, we leave a trail of colour in our wake. Not always in a good way, but more often than not, in a surprising way.

In the last few weeks walking the drives and closes of Dennistoun, I have seen colour in more unexpected ways. In the forefront of my mind over the last while are questions of Dennistoun’s identity.  On the surface I have been fascinated by the image of a changed landscape. There is visible disfunction in the area’s graffiti, litter and disused spaces. On a rainy day, Dennistoun can look grey. But look a little closer and there are signs that life is stable and vibrant. The little surprises of colour are all around and give a more profound flavour of the area than a birds eye view. But like all good things, you have to slow down to notice them.


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